Viventi Mori

Viventi Mori is both an object and an experience. As an object, it exists as a portable projection-mapped installation. Featuring a reinforced flight-case to withstand long distance travel, built in hidden compartments for all the installation’s inner workings, and two side handles for carrying, it was built to be moved. As an experience, Viventi Mori is a reflection on life and death. With it’s roots in Mexican culture, we use the skull as a canvas to project stories of the endless cycle of creation and decay.

As an object, Viventi Mori is a portable projection-mapped display unit, designed for a wide range of possible experiences.  The box itself is a hand-crafted wooden reinforced flight case, built from the ground up by Sael Simard. With steel bearings, It is designed to withstand the bumps and bruises of long-distance travel. The case features a pneumatic open-close system, a discreet back compartment to store media systems, two internal speakers, three pico-projector mounts, and a Microsoft Kinect mount. The inner workings are enrobed in black velvet to let the projection-mapped object take center stage. The central mount is designed so that any object can be installed and projection mapped.  The exterior features beautiful laser-engraved wooden panels with original Viventi Mori designs by Sylvie Béraud.

Viventi Mori tells the story of the cycle of life and death. Through four phases, represented by the four elements, we see life pass from the watery womb of the beginning of creation, through to it’s expression in wild nature erupting from the earth, then passing through fiery human society and development, and finally blowing through to the psyche and the great beyond. This animated series features illustrations and designs by French-Mexican artist Sylvie Béraud, animated by Alexandre DeBavelaere, with sound accompaniment by Bobby Léon.

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Sylvie Béraud

3D Sculpt + Animation

Alexandre Debavelaere

Artistic Direction &
Sound Design

Bobby Léon

Production &

Saël Simard