The collective is an interactive playground for creating digital art installations. It is a flexible environment designed to generate ideas and make them happen. Combining interactive technology, animation, design and kombucha, the collective thrives to expand accessibility to innovative visuals.

Interactivity is dead, long live interactivity! Every media is interactive fundamentally. We seek to re-purpose interactivity channels to a new end. We see the world as our canvas where technology is ideally non-invasive and hidden all the while enhancing human life and experience. Consuming content through devices is therefore obsolete since it interferes between a person and their environment. We are constantly tweaking how we interact with devices, which means any form of interactivity channel that utilizes an obstructive device is destined to have a very narrow evolution and a short lifespan. We champion a vision on content that does away with the device to free the content into the real world.